About me

I’m an entrepreneur from the Netherlands with 15 years of business experience. I started as a NeuroScientist, completing a Masters Degree before deciding to follow the path of a location independent entrepreneur.

My online career started in the music business, but has been expanded to a variety of fields including online marketing, e-commerce & Blockchain.

Today I run multiple businesses, with a goal of creating efficient systems that allow me to create a semi-passive income. This gives me time to focus on my passions. Helping startups and young entrepreneurs create sustainable businesses, investing and consulting in Blockchain, campaigning against Climate Change and Kitesurfing.

What I do..

My Businesses

Even though my first online business was in music streaming; by now I own and manage multiple e-commerce stores. The last few years I have been focusing mostly on Sustainability, launching several companies in this area. My focus is on efficiency and customer service, leading to lean stores which are mostly automated and have a great customer experience. We do also represent ourselves on global marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay and Bol.com.


Business Consultancy

Using my 15 years of business experience I help startups and entrepreneurs with business guidance and advice. By asking questions they might not have asked themselves and sharing my own experience and knowledge I aim to help more startups and entrepreneurs avoid many avoidable pitfalls, helping their business to succeed and grow more efficiently. See if we are a good match


Blockchain fanatic and Consultant

Besides being an active investor in Bitcoin and Blockchain, I also act as a Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consultant. Whether you are just starting out or already a full fledged trader, I am happy to sit down and see what I can do for you. Ranging from choosing an investment strategy and optimizing your daily trades, to understanding the Blockchain technology and possibilities.

Climate Change Activist

The thing that drives me most is Climate Change. Worried about the effects Climate Change will have, most of my new business have been geared towards Sustainability and lowering our impact on the planet. Read more about my actions against climate change and join the change.